2016 in Review

2016 was a bit rough. I lost my part of my 2015 spreadsheets when my computer died. Here we go though.


2015 2016 Percentage
Hobbies 1808.86 1838.68 0.983781843496421
Insurance 2166.27 1955.54 1.10776051627683
Gas 979.27 874.39 1.11994647697252
Pets 339.81 339.35 1.00135553263592
Health 775.54 1857.57 0.417502435978187
Tools 2116.15 491.67 4.30400471861208
Subscriptions 1424.32 1249.04 1.14033177480305
Food 477.07 524.68 0.909258976900206
School 550 0 #DIV/0!
Clothes 0 239.04 0
Office 0 65.94 0
Repairs 0 283.06 0
Misc 0 708.2 0

I can just do tables. Why didn’t I do that before? Oh, I downloaded Libreoffice.

I’m going to do better in 2017. I’m going to work on finishing my projects and save money. Create better systems than I have currently.

New game planning.

My bunker year as I call it is going well. I have bought significantly less stuff this year and even finished painting my Astra Militarium army.  I screwed up a few times. (Four new novels, Captain America Expansion for Legendary. Atomic Robo comics.)

But curiosity has gotten the better of me. I decided to try Pathfinder. I have not bought any of the books or the beginner’s set. I merely sat down to play at the local Pathfinder Society.

I have missed playing RPG’s. it was nice.

Also a friend of mine wants to try WarMachine. He has a daughter now so 40K is a bit out of his reach.

Problem is, I can’t buy any new games yet. It has not been a year yet. There is no rush for these but my curiosity burns for new worlds and to try new things.

So I am going to have to re-think how I approach my goals.

Alum Experiment one

So I had the idea a few years ago to grow crystals on my 40k models. I wanted my Space Marines to have a frosted look to their armor. My first attempt used sugar and water. This worked well, until the humidity in the basement spiked which rehydrated the sugar. It turned into a syrupy mess as can be seen on the Vindicator. I asked around for a suitable replacement chemical. I was told Alum (Potassium Aluminum Sulfate) creates highly stable crystals.

The tools:

Hot Plate

Spray bottle

Soup Can

One pound of Alum

(Not pictured) A metal stir stick.

Spoon for scooping.

Box to contain mess.



Heat water to boiling.

Supersaturate mixture. (Put Alum in until the water can’t absorb anymore. You’ll know it is saturated when crystals sit on the bottom of the can.

Use spray nozzle to apply mix.

Let it sit for a few days.


Before Picture of Vindicator.
Before Picture of Marine.
Can of left over mix.
After picture of Marine.
After Picture of Vindicator.


The effect I had been looking for.

I like the results. I will have to try dipping the models to see if that spreads it evenly.

Holding pattern

Sorry for the radio silence. I ended up having the urge to play Fallout New Vegas and kinda got sucked in completely. But I finished that and the DLC’s for it so I can get back to other projects.

At least I could if mowing season hadn’t started yet.

And I need to save money for a renovation.

Also the septic system backed up into the basement.

So I am back in the holding pattern of saving up money and working three jobs.

Good times.