Hotel: Your Hotel may have a complimentary breakfast available.

Mall Food Court: The mall food court opens up before 10 AM.

Steak and Shake : Open 24 hours. Usually a wait to sit down though.

Lunch and Dinner

Fogo De Chao: Upon sitting down at this restaurant, you will notice a salad bar. Grab a plate and get a little bit of food. The waiters carry the main courses on skewers. You will get a cut of meat from these folks. And it is well worth the expense.

Killroy’s: A bar and grill. 2 blocks east of the convention center.

Ram Restaurant and Brewery: This restaurant embraces Gencon by changing their menu to a Warmachine theme. One block east of the convention center.

Scotty’s: Another bar and grill. Usually has a special Gencon Die.

Food Trucks: Right outside the convention center, you can usually get anything and everything from these trucks. They seem to change from year to year.