State of the Side Hustle

I fell off the frugality wagon. (I decided to update my 40K codexes.) So I have been refocusing by reading Brave New Life, Mr Money Mustache and Millennial Money Man. They all talk about getting a side hustle going.

Sadly for the past couple of years, I have had more than enough on my plate.

  1. Primary Job.
  2. Mowing and Weed Whacking.
  3. Help around the farm.
  4. Accounting for the Farm and Lawn mowing.

Getting side stuff going was problematic because I didn’t have time.

However, I have lost 4 of my side mowing jobs and we lost a cemetery so I should have more time. I can devote more time to my projects. I have some worries about the loss of income but I think I can make it up else where.

Life does seem to be coming together.

Community and Diversity

LodgeCon had an excellent diversity panel. It was well done and gave many suggestions. However it was silent on the primary problem I have.

I can’t get people to show up in the first place.

When I was in high school I helped start a gaming club. One day we had a chess based day. People showed up but played their Nintendo DS’ instead of chess.

Upon graduating I came back to help out. I found an empty class room. The boy who took over after me quit “because it was boring.” The girl after him didn’t show up at all.

You can’t have diversity if you don’t have a community in the first place. No one seems willing to put the work in to build a community.  They will do the easy parts but when times get tough, they walk away.