New game planning.

My bunker year as I call it is going well. I have bought significantly less stuff this year and even finished painting my Astra Militarium army.  I screwed up a few times. (Four new novels, Captain America Expansion for Legendary. Atomic Robo comics.)

But curiosity has gotten the better of me. I decided to try Pathfinder. I have not bought any of the books or the beginner’s set. I merely sat down to play at the local Pathfinder Society.

I have missed playing RPG’s. it was nice.

Also a friend of mine wants to try WarMachine. He has a daughter now so 40K is a bit out of his reach.

Problem is, I can’t buy any new games yet. It has not been a year yet. There is no rush for these but my curiosity burns for new worlds and to try new things.

So I am going to have to re-think how I approach my goals.