2014 in review/2015 plans

2014 in review.

So in 2014 I got a machine shop job and lost the machine shop job. But lets review my income and spending.


Machine Shop(Net): 12,595.80

Side Jobs: 2,956.00


Total Income (Net):15,785.20


Gas: 1,445.16

Health: 895.16

Food: 394.58

Pets: 533.78

Hobbies: 1,003.91

Insurance: 1,717.87

Tools: 1,109.34

Machines: 500.00

Subscriptions: 391.66

School: 2249.47

Repairs: 248.89

Tax Preparation: 60.00

Stocks: 8,425.00

Miscellaneous: 380.57

Total: 19,355.59

From the looks of things, I spent far more than I took in. -3,570.39 to be exact.

But the expenses include the one time stock buy using the money I got out of my bank CD. 19,355 -7300=12,055. Now I am living within my means, though it could be better.

2015 Forecast

Rising expenses: Insurance, Gasoline, Health, Pets, repairs will most likely all increase.

I bought medical insurance on top of my life insurance. My jobs will be farther away so gasoline is going to increase. I got another cat that will need to be fed. Health I am unsure of. I got new glasses this year, but my medical visits will be out of pocket. Repairs because I will be increasing the distance traveled for work.

Stay the same: Hobbies and Tax prep.

The biggest amount I spent in hobbies was for GENCON and that amount stays fairly consistent. Warhammer 40K might be picking up again and I bought the BattleTech intro kit with plans to buy Leviathans. But my backlog of projects will prevent me from buying anything else for now.

I don’t think the accountant is going to raise his fee’s anytime soon.

Decreasing Expenses: Subscriptions, School, Tools, Machines, Food.

I accidentally bought two years worth of subscriptions to Make. Slacker and Netflix have been pretty stable.  I am not going to be a full time student in the next year so school will be cut in half at the very least. I don’t foresee any new tools or machines to be bought. Food will be cut down because I am not going to be going to school.

Plans for 2015

1. Make Mistakes.

2. Find another machinist job.

3. Do better book keeping.

Make Mistakes

I grew up watching way too much television. I was always fascinated by the master craftsman or superheroes that made their awe inspiring master piece. Problem is, television doesn’t show you the mistakes made to get that good. So I would build things and be disappointed that they were not what I had planned. So I would be discouraged and wouldn’t practice. So I think this year I am going to take a little advice and make mistakes. The goal will be to complete projects rather than make them perfect. Like today, I made a hammer. I already have one, this one isn’t centered and the handle is too long for the head, but damn it, the next one will be better.


DSCN0123DSCN0122Find a machinist job. I signed up at the community college for a machine tool class. In addition to sharpening my skills, hopefully they will have some leads. The last place I tried wouldn’t require anyone for another 2 months.

Do better book keeping.  As I was preparing to do this post, I found that my list approach didn’t hold up well to analyses. All my stuff had blended together and I had a hard time disentangling them. So I am taking a more proactive approach this year and creating columns.

2015 will be a better year than 2014.