Duster Project

DSCN0117We started working on the 73 Duster that I bought years ago.  So some background.

I bought the car back in 2010. Yes, I know it goes against MrMoneyMustache, but I had high hopes for the car.

1. There was a girl. (She’s gone now.)

2. It would be my dad’s last project. (He bought another car.)

So in 2010 we stripped the car down, taking out the slant six, the interior down, with the plans to restore it, put in a V-8. But life got in the way as it usually does. We finally got the car painted in 2013.

So recently my brother decided it was time to get the car finished. We are gradually finding the bolts and pieces to put the car together. Today however, we hit a snag. As we attempted to put the windshield in, the window cracked. 4 years of storage and it breaks in the home stretch.  So today was kind of disappointing.DSCN0119

I have realized I have way too many projects and I need to start finishing projects.

2014 4th Quarter Buy

First things first, I finished my school semester. I am unsure if I will be able to go for next semester. I wish to have a job before I go back to school.

Alright, so the CD I had at the bank lapsed so I had 7,300 dollars to spend. I took that and the money from my dividends so I had 7,380 to spend. I bought 217 shares of AT&T stock at 33.99 a share.

The total number of stock I own is now at 334 of AT&T, 65 of Alteria and 6 of GDL Fund. These stocks should yield me 183.54 every quarter.

I will have to reassess my path to financial independence after I find a job. I will admit I didn’t expect that I would be unemployed this long. But I haven’t had to bite into my savings yet so that is a plus.


So things are up in the air right now. The machine shop I am working for is waiting for the customer to confirm how things are going to go. If he sticks with them, there will be plenty of work. If he chooses to go else where, I am going to be looking for a job again. I have enough to make it through December without tapping my savings.

I signed up for health insurance through a local agent. I am unsure of how good it will be since he really didn’t ask any questions. But I consider it a dry run for getting insurance for my Machine shop.

My bank CD came due. Yes, I know a CD doesn’t pay anything. I didn’t have my investment account at the time so there wasn’t anything else to do with it.

School is winding down and I need to find a steady job to continue it.