A Successful Affirmation?

So, I tried my hand at an affirmation. And  I believe it may have succeeded. But first an explanation.

I read through The Dilbert Future when I was in sixth grade. In that book, Scott Adams talks about his positive experience’s with affirmations.

The general idea behind it is that you imagine your goal clearly in your head and write “I, (insert name), will do/accomplish/ (your goal.)” fifteen times once a day.

And supposedly against all odds, you will succeed. Whether it’s just you focusing on your goals or if you actually are steering yourself to a better future like Scott Adam’s suggests is up for debate.

Now I have tried affirmations on again and off again for several years and gotten nothing. However, figuring it was worth a shot, I typed out

“I, Gentleman Machinist, will be employed as a machinist.”

For two weeks I did that and suddenly I am working in a shop in the nearby town. He’s expecting a large growth spurt from one of his customers and has me doing some of the small work. I consider this more of an apprenticeship program than an actual job though. But I need experience more than anything else right now. But I suppose I am “employed” as a machinist. I am unsure of the terms because he is unsure of how this is all going to work out. But hopefully I’ll be back on track.

I also need to get my resume redone. It’s been a mess each time I added to it so now I need to start with a blank one.

Update 11/17/2014

I am still unemployed. I haven’t been as prolific as I thought I was going to be putting in Resumes. I am anxious to get things going again.

I haven’t been idle though. I had to use my mill to make a tool for our bulldozer. I’ve found my MicroMark Mill has a problem where the tool bit grabs  the work and moves the table. So I need to clean up the slop in the handle and lock it down if I can’t. Then we didn’t need the bulldozer so our work was unnecessary.

The other project has been my Space Marine Centurions. I thinned my Ice Blue paint too thin in my airbrush, so now I have a wash more than a paint. I’ll write a post when I get they are completed.

I have less than a month in left for school. I look forward to finishing this semester. It has become a drag on my days. I don’t think I will be able to go to school next semester due to lack of funds.

I have a much better attitude about working in the farm shop now. I realized I will have my own shop that I can set up and run my own way. But I need to renovate it first. So I have to get a job. Hmm.

Things will improve soon.

Still unemployed.

I haven’t found a job yet. I was hoping to keep my forward momentum but I have let myself lapse and wind down.

I finished the Civ game I had going. I still haven’t become a more aggressive type of person, content to exist in peace until someone declares war on me and then I will fight till the end. That attitude hasn’t gotten me anywhere. I’m still stuck with everyday being an existential exercise.

I keep being told “I need to practice my skills.” I am aware of that. I have an intense guilt for not seizing the day and moving forwards, honing my crafts and sharpening my mind. Everyday though feels like I’ve crashed against a brick wall. It takes every bit of spirit just to put one foot in front of the other.

Fell off the wagon.

(Apparently I put this in the wrong place. Originally published October 15th?)

I got to looking at my Steam log in screen and I said to my self, “I wonder if I remember what my password is.” I did and naturally that brought up Civilization 5. Then I went “I’ll give it a shot.” So I was doomed to an unproductive week.

I not only fell off the wagon, I rolled into the ditch, stuck in a battle with Hiawatha over a world that doesn’t exist.

For my classes I have to write a business plan. The part I’m getting hung up on is the market analysis part. It seems to be a whole bunch of guess work. That’s business I suppose.

Anyway, here’s a picture of the game of 40k we played. The forces of Chaos won, but they lost their warlord to spawndom.

Looking up rules.
Looking up rules.

I finished the room for the space hulk board I wish to build. I was going for a rusted look but that didn’t happen very well.



My Centurions in the process of being built. It is a fantastic kit I must say and I look forward to trying them out in battle.

Centurions half built and almost ready for painting.
Centurions half built and almost ready for painting.

Now I am off to try and finish that Civ game.