Laid off

I was extremely busy with both work and school so the blog fell to the wayside. But I was laid off this week. After 9 months of working I was released due to economic concerns. Though this puts a kink in my plans, I think overall I was dealt a good hand. I have enough to sustain myself for a while. So what lesson’s did I learn from this?

Machine shop:

Blueprints: Blueprints are vital to a shop. Samples of the product don’t make for ease of programming.

Organize your tools: If your employee’ spend most of their time chasing down tools, consider having multiple tool chests. Cultivate a culture where everyone puts tools back.

Eliminate the Assholes: This is Scott Adam’s rule but this was underlined at the shop I worked in. If one person decides to ignore the rules and create havoc throughout the shop, the entire business suffers.

Keep an eye on your workers: If you stay cooped up in the office, you will get select reports from the floor. Go out and talk to the workers. You can’t make good decisions without proper information. Of course, they may not tell you everything, but learn to read people. Get a sense of what the morale of the shop is.

Life lesson’s

Never get complacent: You need to prove your worth constantly. Always strive to improve.

Power through difficult attitudes: Don’t put yourself above the team. Be better than that asshole I talked about earlier. Be the bigger man and go around that person to accomplish your tasks. If at the end you are the one that gets sacked, now they are the ones that have something to prove. Take satisfaction in that in the end, justice was served.

Money can’t buy happiness: I was aware of this from previous experience’s and from reading MrMoneyMustache, but my time there underlined it. The owner of the shop had a fleet of upgraded vehicles, a shop full of machine tools that would be the envy of any man and more money than he knew what to do with. Yet, he still looked tired. All he wanted was to retire, yet he couldn’t because he still had to run the shop. It didn’t buy peace in his family. He was besieged on all sides and couldn’t find peace anywhere.

Now, what for me to do now? Well, there are a few machine shops I can apply to. Even a gunsmith. I will get moving again soon.