3rd Quarter 2014 Stock buy

Alright. Back at it. Now I transferred some money into my investment account at the end of August. I had saved up 1,529 dollars to transfer. I rolled this up with the dividend income  I had about 1,718 to trade with. So I bought 49 shares of AT&T. My new total dividend should be at 87.36 each quarter.

This quarter was extremely well done. I had saved 75 percent of my mowing income. I had to pay for Gencon with the first 500 of my mowing wages. Next year I will have to figure out how to get my regular job to pay for Gencon while going to school.

I am aware that this is not MrMoneyMustache’s way of investing. I am going for cheaper stocks to buy more of them. (I think the ratio of T vs VTI is somewhere in the range of 2.5 to 1.) I have to prime the pump and get income coming in before I can go for security.