An odd week.

I have trouble connecting to the internet from inside the house, but if I move 8 feet out on to the porch, I get 4G. Damn that I can’t do that year round.

Ah, it has been an odd week. First off, I bought a lathe.IMG_20140722_160312_004It’s a 9″ South Bend lathe. I bought it for 500 dollars. I am unsure of the age, but it has a tag that says “War Production Board” on it, so I am guessing that it is 60 years old. I think we will convert it to CNC to help with production when I finally open my own shop.

I adjusted my MicroMark Lathe so that the post is more rigid. I wouldn’t cut before and I think that’s why I broke my cut off bit.

And we had our family reunion. So we got to see our family that is spread out all over the state.

I’ll hopefully be getting my stuff more organized now that we got some of the big stuff out of the way.


Astra Militarum Commissar Complete

I finally painted my Commissar. I plan on using him as a Lord Commissar in games. Now I am not especially skilled in painting nor have I figured out how to base models, so on the way to financial independence, we will see how I improve.

I suck at pictures.
I suck at pictures.
Really, just, awful.
Really, just, awful.


Here are pictures of a space hulk terrain board I am working on. I am thinking of having elements from Tau, Eldar, Ork and Imperial spaceships with rock corridors between them. Like the base from Dan Abnett’s “Salvation’s Reach”.

I’m using the Starship blocks molds from Hirst Art’s. The idea for the space hulk came from the idea that I wasn’t going to get perfect cast’s, so what better way to get practice than to have something that is supposed to look crappy? Unfortunately, I’m using drywall plaster from a local hardware store, so the strength is pretty weak.

DSCN0012 DSCN0011

And the project’s will never end. The plan was to have a Space Marine, Astra Militarum, Grey Knights, Khrone, Nurgle and Skaven army. Dark Vengence brought some Dark Angels into my life.

I should have just taken up drugs.
I should have just taken up drugs.

Of course, you wouldn’t be living a life without some distractions.

My dog insisting on a walk.
My dog insisting on a walk.

Set Up Sheets

This week I paid off the tools I bought for work. That will free up 50 dollars a week.

The shop I work in has experienced a lot of growth lately. Time is vital because we’re trying to catch up on our orders. Unfortunately, all the stuff to do my job is inside another man’s head.  I am gradually typing up the set up sheets and putting them in a book so that I can be more independent.

I have been thinking about the set up sheets and what I think would be useful to include.

The date: We have a stack of hard copy programs that have no date on them. While it was nice to have these when our computer simply erased the program folder, we had no idea which version of these programs they were.

Process name: The part or widget you are making. The book will be alphabetically arranged by process name to make it easier to find things.

Program: The program name in the machine.

Tools: The tools that are required for a specific job.

Set up: The arrangement of the tools in the machine. The particular machine I am using is an OMNI Turn lathe, so set up to me means the distances between the tools and the blocks on the slide. But it could mean where the tools are in the turret.

Cutting inserts: We have a variety of cutting inserts available and to a new person they can easily get confusing.

Notes: A space to write notes. Program changes, things that need to be added to the update of sheet.

Some policies will have to be enacted regarding the set up sheets, such as reviewing the books after a period of time, etc.

I’ll add and update as I think about these.

The Math of Financial Independence

Ah. It’s been a busy week.

First thing, a new Atomic Robo has been released, go support your local comic shop and buy it.

Second, the delay in posting was due to the fact we had no electricity from Monday to Friday. I am kind of glad though because it has convinced my brother that a generator station is required.

Third, my brother and I took time to clean out our shed. The plan for rebuilding the farm has jumped ahead by years from the timetable I had in my head.

Now, this weeks post, we get the calculators out to figure out the time frame. Figures that I would lose two days of work and it would screw up my pay rate for two weeks.

Mr Money Mustache recommends that you have 25 times your annual spending or whenever your spending is 4% of your assets.

My annual spending last year was 7,500. Both techniques render 187,500 as the goal. Current Net worth is 17,492.37.

17,492.37/18,7500=.093.    9% Percent towards goal.


Machine Operator

400 dollars a week.

333.34 take home pay.

166.67 goes into savings right off hand.

Income from mowing.

1,100. As of June 30.


263 a year in dividends.

My savings situation is a little complicated.

Currently, 77 dollars a week is added to the base amount. I figured that each quarter it would add up to be 1,000 dollars. This month’s schedule is

July 2: $4,310

July 9: $4,387

July 16: $4,464

July 23: $4,541

July 30: $4,618

Once every quarter I transfer the surplus amount to my stock brokerage to buy more stock. This combines with the dividends to buy more stocks.

This is going to be a snapshot of the time it will take.

((166.67×52)+263)= 8,929.84


170,007.63/8929.84=19.03 Years.

That’s not very encouraging, is it? Let’s add the mowing income to savings.


170,007.63/10,029.84=16.95 Years

Half my income won’t do it. How about 60%?


170,007.63/11,763=14.45 years.

We’ll throw 75% at it.

((250×52)+1100+263)= 14,363.

170007.63/14,363= 11.83 years.

Looks like I have a decade of work any way I slice it. I’ll have to look into some higher yield investments.