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Park: Shrine

A project I have had my mind on for years. I finally completed it.

I have the idea for a Park Terrain set. This is part 2 in a series.

The Materials are:

  • Hirst Arts Roman Temple Mold
  • Random Candle Holder


The basic materials.
My mold making set up. (The wood blocks are part of a home made shelf.)

I really like the Hirst Arts Molds but I couldn’t (or wouldn’t) take the time to level them.

Shrine next to my Space Hulk containment cell project.

I experimented with some wash’s in this picture. You can see some of the purple mixed in with the brown and black.


So that is the second part of my Park Terrain set. I have a grotto thought up. Also I have some models to work on as well.

The Primaris Heresy

There is a big controversy regarding the new Primaris Marines. The argument seems to be “No Precedent in Fluff” and “Clear Money Grab.”

I will admit I like the Primaris Marines. The idea that Humanity still has some ingenuity left appeals to me. The models look good too.

Fluff Wise: I say “Mars has its secrets.” The Imperium is so vast no one can keep track of it all. The vagueness is what allows us to do custom chapters, custom campaigns and our own stories.

Tech Priests tinkering with Space Marines is nothing new. One succeeding is new.  It is different. It goes against everything we supposedly know. But what do we know about the Adeptus Mechanicus? There has never been an audit of them. There is no oversight committee on their projects.

The fan base seems to believe that they have all the information of what happens in the 40k universe. I think we have tiny windows into it. That there are still mysteries in there for even the most veteran of players.

Games Workshop has the same problem as Marvel and DC. They have beloved settings and characters along with a vocal fan base. A change to the status quo angers people. Even if all the stories are exhausted people will resist change.

“Money Grab”: I will admit this is possible. At some point jaded cynicism started masquerading as wisdom. Opinions are extrapolated as facts.

Time will tell though. Chaos may get something comparable. (Ka’Banda is out, Angron could come out too.)

Stop raging for the time being and go paint your models. Stop focusing on the things you can’t control. Games Workshop is telling a story. Sit and listen for a while.


Alum Experiment one

So I had the idea a few years ago to grow crystals on my 40k models. I wanted my Space Marines to have a frosted look to their armor. My first attempt used sugar and water. This worked well, until the humidity in the basement spiked which rehydrated the sugar. It turned into a syrupy mess as can be seen on the Vindicator. I asked around for a suitable replacement chemical. I was told Alum (Potassium Aluminum Sulfate) creates highly stable crystals.

The tools:

Hot Plate

Spray bottle

Soup Can

One pound of Alum

(Not pictured) A metal stir stick.

Spoon for scooping.

Box to contain mess.



Heat water to boiling.

Supersaturate mixture. (Put Alum in until the water can’t absorb anymore. You’ll know it is saturated when crystals sit on the bottom of the can.

Use spray nozzle to apply mix.

Let it sit for a few days.


Before Picture of Vindicator.
Before Picture of Marine.
Can of left over mix.
After picture of Marine.
After Picture of Vindicator.


The effect I had been looking for.

I like the results. I will have to try dipping the models to see if that spreads it evenly.

Park Statue

Hello! I actually finished a project.

The basic parts:

A piece of masonite.

An honor guard model. I got it from the bits guy at Gencon. (Chimera games I believe.)

The stand is Merlins Magic that I left in a solo cup.

Looks simple enough.

The first challenge is my paint dried up. I went to the dollar store and pick up some Krylon spray paint.

Twenty year old paint.

So here are is the pieces assembled.

DSCN0257Paths came from the Hirst Arts Temple mold. (


I added some flocking and I think it turned out rather nicely.


I am hoping to add more so that I have a “Park” style terrain set.

Astra Militarum Commissar Complete

I finally painted my Commissar. I plan on using him as a Lord Commissar in games. Now I am not especially skilled in painting nor have I figured out how to base models, so on the way to financial independence, we will see how I improve.

I suck at pictures.
I suck at pictures.
Really, just, awful.
Really, just, awful.


Here are pictures of a space hulk terrain board I am working on. I am thinking of having elements from Tau, Eldar, Ork and Imperial spaceships with rock corridors between them. Like the base from Dan Abnett’s “Salvation’s Reach”.

I’m using the Starship blocks molds from Hirst Art’s. The idea for the space hulk came from the idea that I wasn’t going to get perfect cast’s, so what better way to get practice than to have something that is supposed to look crappy? Unfortunately, I’m using drywall plaster from a local hardware store, so the strength is pretty weak.

DSCN0012 DSCN0011

And the project’s will never end. The plan was to have a Space Marine, Astra Militarum, Grey Knights, Khrone, Nurgle and Skaven army. Dark Vengence brought some Dark Angels into my life.

I should have just taken up drugs.
I should have just taken up drugs.

Of course, you wouldn’t be living a life without some distractions.

My dog insisting on a walk.
My dog insisting on a walk.