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Current System

I finally got my system set up using various bank accounts. The question was “How can I save up a little bit of money for everything?”

My goals essentially are:

-My own machine/workshop.

-Financial Independence.


My own workshop is going to require tools for electronics, metal shaping, wood shaping, any odd thing that comes my way. I would like to be able to tinker with things.

I enjoy my hobbies, particularly Warhammer 40K. I enjoy model building, the painting is becoming enjoyable and I’m getting less anxious about playing.

And financial independence was the primary goal. You get yourself secured before doing anything else. Having the best tools doesn’t matter if you are too busy to run them.

My weekly paycheck is 413.93.

Right now 200 goes towards the renovations. (I figure this is an investment though not as productive as stocks.)

50 a week towards tools. One day I may get a loan to buy the tools and pay it off through this account.

20 a week towards hobby. This folds into the prepaid credit card I got to build my credit. I know I shouldn’t buy unproductive stuff with a credit card. The limit is 250 so I cannot get out of control.

Leaving 143 a week for gas, food, etc.

I had already tried 50 towards both tools and hobby but that was too much too fast. I might try alternating each week to see how well that works.

But a systematic approach will be the best way to do things.