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The Primaris Heresy

There is a big controversy regarding the new Primaris Marines. The argument seems to be “No Precedent in Fluff” and “Clear Money Grab.”

I will admit I like the Primaris Marines. The idea that Humanity still has some ingenuity left appeals to me. The models look good too.

Fluff Wise: I say “Mars has its secrets.” The Imperium is so vast no one can keep track of it all. The vagueness is what allows us to do custom chapters, custom campaigns and our own stories.

Tech Priests tinkering with Space Marines is nothing new. One succeeding is new.  It is different. It goes against everything we supposedly know. But what do we know about the Adeptus Mechanicus? There has never been an audit of them. There is no oversight committee on their projects.

The fan base seems to believe that they have all the information of what happens in the 40k universe. I think we have tiny windows into it. That there are still mysteries in there for even the most veteran of players.

Games Workshop has the same problem as Marvel and DC. They have beloved settings and characters along with a vocal fan base. A change to the status quo angers people. Even if all the stories are exhausted people will resist change.

“Money Grab”: I will admit this is possible. At some point jaded cynicism started masquerading as wisdom. Opinions are extrapolated as facts.

Time will tell though. Chaos may get something comparable. (Ka’Banda is out, Angron could come out too.)

Stop raging for the time being and go paint your models. Stop focusing on the things you can’t control. Games Workshop is telling a story. Sit and listen for a while.


The World Will Not Wait

I sit in my office writing a blog post instead of the Halo Party I had planned. The idea had caused excitement when I first had it but no one volunteered to follow through.

I gave them the option to do something constructive. In the end that is all you can do.  For some, no amount of goading will get you anywhere.

But the world will not wait for them. It will not wait for you either. Go out and support a community. Sharpen your skills. Success will find success.

In the end, all a person can do when they face Death is say “I tried.”


Community and Diversity

LodgeCon had an excellent diversity panel. It was well done and gave many suggestions. However it was silent on the primary problem I have.

I can’t get people to show up in the first place.

When I was in high school I helped start a gaming club. One day we had a chess based day. People showed up but played their Nintendo DS’ instead of chess.

Upon graduating I came back to help out. I found an empty class room. The boy who took over after me quit “because it was boring.” The girl after him didn’t show up at all.

You can’t have diversity if you don’t have a community in the first place. No one seems willing to put the work in to build a community.  They will do the easy parts but when times get tough, they walk away.